Our Mission

Our Vision


Our vision is to prevent and cure food allergies for every food allergy sufferer; it is also our mission to bring about positive change by focusing on law, education, awareness and research to ensure the needs of allergy sufferers are met in a meaningful way. We aim to offer a new hope that will change the lives of all those living with this life threatening disease.

Our aims


We will fund and utilize the best scientific minds to spearhead a broad portfolio of ground breaking investigator-led allergy research. From individual targeted projects and fellowships to large scale team science programmes, their united aim will be to find a global cure. 

Our promise


We will do everything in our power to stop the rising tide of young and old living with allergic disease; to give those with allergies a voice to be heard, for sufferers to be understood and taken seriously and to campaign for change where there is a need. We will support the prevention, control in society and the cure of food allergies because to do so now is more vital than ever before. 

Hope through


Securing funding for essential research to find a cure to end allergic disease is the foundation’s primary focus. All research breakthroughs will be published and pioneering research project results shared so that everyone can benefit. With your support, we can fund more breakthrough research and finally cure the growing allergic epidemic we are living in. 




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