Allergy Research Centre

Our vision for the centre

We are currently involved in discussions with Southampton University to fund the build of an Allergy Research Centre. It will be groundbreaking, the first of its kind, a central hub where our allergy teams will have access to experienced medical staff, equipment and infrastructure by being part of a larger network of researchers. Here we will fund and harness allergy medical breakthroughs, support academic and industry research and develop new therapies that will offer hope for effective allergy treatments; never taking our eyes of our goal, always working towards finding a cure.


A World Allergy Organisation Centre of Excellence

The University of Southampton is a World Allergy Organisation Centre of Excellence and is one of Europe’s leading centres for the advancement of education and research into asthma and allergy. Southampton has been at the forefront on research into allergy and asthma across several decades, leading on many discoveries that have improved our understanding of the causes and treatment options for sufferers. The University’s research in this field benefits greatly from a close relationship with the University Hospital Southampton. The collaboration enables Southampton to have a unique ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach where the whole life cycle of research can occur in one place, where basic cell science in a laboratory can be translated directly into treatments for patients. The University is also committed to development of education in this area and runs an award-winning MSc in Allergy, equipping health care professionals with vital knowledge to better treat individuals in their care. Through this leading education and research, the University of Southampton is ideally placed to meet the global challenge of rising rates of allergic diseases.

Together NARF and Southampton University aims to accelerate and expand allergy research, which has until now been highly under-represented. We all have a shared goal, which is to prevent future avoidable deaths from asthma and allergies.


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